sleepy head from evcushy soft comfortable nest dor newborns
baby sleep pod from evcushy deluxe


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DELIVERY TIME 2 -3 weeks

Extremely stable and functional pod for newborns and babies from the  Mint Roses collection.

The pod was made of the soft and delicate dimple fleece and 100% cotton

  • The perfect protection for a newborn baby from rolling off the bed or sofa.

  • handmade,

  • Machine washable.

The pod goes with extra bedding accessories.

The evCushy baby pod hugs your baby from the very first moments
of her/his life, thus giving her/him a sense of security similar to that
in the womb.
It also works well in situations when an infant sleeps with
parents in bed.
Thanks to the pod, the Baby will stay in place, and parents
can sleep peacefully without fear of accidentally
rolling over their child.

evCushy pods are very stable, so you can use them on the bed, 
sofa, armchair or anywhere in the house or outside.
Perfect for holidays, when visiting friends or family.
Thanks to the stability, they will protect an infant from fallingoff
the bed or sofa!
They are made of a pleasant and soft to the touch minki fabric.
Each evCushy pod has a durable band around that allows you to adjust
the size of the entire set. At the ends we put cute hearts.

Both the outer part of the pod and the tunnel in which
the string is placed are made of soft and pleasant to the touch
minki, which gives the entire pod unusual elegance and style! When the baby grows up from the pod, the whole set can be used
as a favorite place to play or rest for an older child! WARNING!!! The pod is not used to carry or lift a child! Internal dimensions: 30xcm70 External dimensions: 50x90cm

Baby pod goes with bedding incuding:

- extra mattress 30cm/70cm for extra protection and hygiene- you
wash only mattress not the whole pod.
- butterfly pillow - preventing the flat head syndrom,
can be used also in the buggies.
- blanket 75cm/50cm
- flat pillow 30cm/30cm

The all bedding pieces are double sided. One side i made from
soft minki fabric and the other side is made of the
highest quality 100% cotton with a beautiful print. All fabrics cotton and print have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100
safety certificat. That means they are free from harmful
chemicals and are safe for babies.



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