Swaddle Blanket - Cone Style - 3 in 1 - What is it And Why Is It Worth To Have It?

Swaddle Blanket - Cone Style - 3 in 1 - What is it And Why Is It Worth To Have It?

The baby swaddle blanket allows the baby to feel safe and cozy, just like in the mother's belly. What is it for, how to fold it and what makes it on the list of essential elements of a layette for parents of newborns?

How to make your first weeks with a newborn easier?

A baby swaddle blanket, once known as a baby wrap, seems to be an inconspicuous gadget. However, when a newborn arrives at home, it is worth having one at hand. It works as the first bedding, swaddle or blanket. The baby feels safe in it, it is easier for him to fall asleep and calm down. The swaddle allows you to carry your baby safely and securely. Because the size fits the Moses basket, cradle, crib or carry cot, if the baby falls asleep, you can comfortably move it, e.g. from a pram to a crib. Remember that the baby cone is warm in itself and keeps your baby warm. Therefore, check regularly that he is not too warm or too cold by touching his neck.

Baby swaddle blankets- cone style  are often recommended to customers who are looking for a nice and practical gift for young parents, a baby shower or for a birth. In the evCushy store you will find dozens of designs with different colors and designs. By choosing a lounger- pod- nest or bedding for them, you will create a perfect set.

 Baby swaddling blanket - when will I use it?

A baby swaddling blanket - cone style 3 in 1  is useful in the first weeks up to about 3 months of age. Although it seems to be short and you can do without it, in fact it is a gadget that every new parent appreciates. The first moments of a newborn baby are a special time full of tenderness, joy and love. However, there are also stressful moments, especially when we want to pick up a baby for the first time (this is also one of the biggest fears of people who do not have children themselves).

Which baby cone should you choose?

It is difficult to determine which cone will be perfect for our child, but when deciding to buy it, it is worth paying attention to a few details: material, binding and stiffening. First of all, the baby wrap should be made of safe, certified fabric. Cotton or bamboo will be perfect. In the winter version, the inner side of the swaddle can be made of a soft, pleasant to the touch velvet. You can also find models of cones tied with drawstrings or sashes or fastened with Velcro. Unfortunately, the latter solution is not very practical - after some time Velcro loses its grip, catches lint, threads and ceases to fulfill its function. Tying with sashes or strings is much more durable and comfortable. It is best to choose a cone without stiffening. This is a very important feature - in the first weeks of life, the natural position of a child is the shape of the letter C (embryonic position). The stiffened back may make it difficult or even impossible for him to fit comfortably.

How to fold a baby wrap?

Contrary to what you might think, folding the baby wrap is easy and quick. Lay the baby down so that its head is in one corner. Fold it, covering your little one with the bottom corner first, then the left corner, then the right corner. Tie at the side, but not too tight - your baby should be able to move arms and legs freely. Ready! When the child is older, the folded-out cone can be used as a play mat or a blanket, e.g. on the beach, in the garden or on the floor.

It's really worth having!

To sum up, the baby cone is a gadget that should be included in every layette. It is comfortable, practical and safe for the baby. It will be appreciated by both; parents and people who are afraid to hold such small children in their arms. Are you thinking about buying it? Be sure to see all the evCushy designs. Click here!

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