About Us


Welcome to my hat world.
My name is Ewa and I am a mommy myself.

Having a baby it was a challange to find a proper hat for my little one. Most of the hats I bought were too big (usually in size 0-3 month or 3-6 months etc) and they never fitted properly. Fabrics and quality wasn't always the best. There was not much to choose from either.

So I started to design my own. Now its a family owned business. The hats are produced in Poland.

You will find a wide assortment of hats for babies and toddlers in our store .
You can be sure the hats bought in our store are the best quality and made of high quality materials.
Bearing in mind that the baby skin is very sensitive our hats are made from certified materials - safe for the child and safe for the infant .
Baby hats are soft and nice to touch, perfect for sensitive skin.

We offer hats in sizes ranging from 36 to 54 (the size tells what is the  child's head circumference in centimeters)  Most  hats protect children's ears from the wind and cold.
We offer hats for any season , hats your child will love to wear.

As a mum, I make sure all products we offer are the best quality for your baby.



To help you choose the right size of the hat we prepered The estimated sizes of the hats for a certain age group

Size:                  years

36 - 38              0-2 months

40 - 42              3-4 months

44 - 46              4-6 months 

46 - 48               6-9 months

48 - 50               1-2 years

50 - 52               3- 5 years

The sizes describe the child's head circumference in centimeter