How to choose the right hat size?

How to figure out the right size of the hat for my child  😬😬😬? That is the frequently asked question put to me. So I decided to write this short instruction for you. It's very simple- believe me!😁

You need a measuring tape. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use the piece of string.
Put it around the child's head in the widest part (1-1.5 cm over the eye brows) and over the ear to the back of the head, along to the other ear and back to the start point on the forehead. 

The reading on the measuring tape will show you the circumference of the head, measure in centimetres. If you were using the piece of string for measuring the head, you then use a ruler📏 to check the length of the string.

With that measurement you can easily decide which size of the hat will be the best for your child.

For example; If your child head circumference is 40cms this means the hat size he/she wears is size 40. Sometimes our sizes show 40-42, this means they are good for children with head circumference 40cms, 41cms or 42cms as they are made with the stretchy fabric. 

Our sizes that are available are 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50...If your child head circumference is in-between, e.g. 41cms, always choose the next size 42. 

Thus the size of the hat should be a perfect match to the head circumference.
I hope it will help you with choosing the right size. 

See the table below which can serve  as a guide  if you can't measure the child's head or you  buying a hat for a present.

size: age
36-38 0-2 months
40-42 3-4 months
42-44 4-6 months
44-46  6-9 months
46-48 9-12 months
48-50 1-2 years
50-52 3-5 years 
52-54 5-8 years
54-56 8+ years


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 Thank you.


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