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Bunny car seat /stroller swaddle-Safari Story

Bunny car seat /stroller swaddle-Safari Story

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Soft and warm evCushy Car Seat Swaddle.
Maximum comfort thanks to the combination of a fleece knit with pure Premium cotton fabric.

Easy to assemble - fits most car seats.

You can quickly and comfortably put your baby wrapped in it in the seat - just guide the lower belt through the slit in the bottom of the cover, and place the upper straps between the special slits in its upper part.

The evCushy car seat swaddle is comfortable and functional. It allows you to unfasten the cover when it gets warm in the car, giving you the opportunity to wrap your baby without the risk of overheating. It is equipped with the little bunny hood for extra warm and comfort. This design is especially useful as it will fit pushchairs, carry cots, Moses baskets as well. 

The swaddle is also perfect as a spring and autumn sleeping bag for a stroller.
Our blankets are made of the highest quality certified materials, safe for the baby's delicate skin. Certificate OEKO TEXT STANDARD

Universal for 3-point seat belts.
Attention: Can be adapted to five-point seat belts after dismantling the arm belts and running them thru the side slits first then the arm slits before fixing to the back part of the seat. If you have 5 point harness system in your car seat make sure you can run the belts this way.

Machine washable, dries quickly.

Intended for children up to 12 months of age.

Composition: outer layer: 100% polyester, soft fleece: 100% polyester , inner layer: 100% Premium cotton, insulation: 100% polyester.

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