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Lightweight Swaddle for Car Seat & Buggy 100% Cotton Pink

Lightweight Swaddle for Car Seat & Buggy 100% Cotton Pink

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kikking offA blanket for the car seat is a must-have product on the shopping list for all mums. This blanket is an ideal and very comfortable solution when traveling or walking with a baby. You no longer have to take your baby out or wake up every time you want to go with him, e.g. from the car to the room.
If you are looking for a light, airy and stylish addition to your child's car seat, you've come to the right place.

Our swaddle is made of high-quality muslin, a material that is known for its excellent breathability and gentleness on the skin of babies.  Muslin is a loosely woven fabric that provides great air circulation, which helps maintain the optimal temperature during warm summer days.  Thanks to this, your child will feel comfortable and fresh, even on the hottest days.

Muslin is also a material that has extraordinary properties that are released over time.  It gets softer with each wash.

The summer muslin swaddle/blanket is extremely versatile.  You can use it not only in a car seat, but also in a stroller or baby bouncer.  Its universal size makes it suitable for all car seats with 3 and 5-point belts.

☆ LIGHT version - made of 2 layers

☆ The blanket has a universal size - it adapts to the shape of the car seat or stroller seat

☆ A comfortable and safe way to transport your baby.

☆ Added elastic around the bottom corner allow to attach the bottom part of the blanket to the clasp between the legs  - protecting against kicking off the blanket

Constantly dressing or undressing a child, e.g. while shopping, traveling or walking, can be stressful not only for the mother. When you need to protect against the cold or swaddle your baby while sleeping - just apply the elastic band through the clasp between the legs and wrap the blanket around the baby. The hood with little funky ears will protect baby from wind or sun,

However, as soon as it gets warmer, you can confidently uncover the baby. The elastic band attached to the bottom corner prevents the blanket from hanging unintentionally - which can be inconvenient in the case of low strollers or does not allow the legs to be uncovered when the blanket is fastened.

Universally sized, making it usable from the very first days, up to 12 months. 

Size: 90x90 cm Fits  0-12 months

Composition: 100% delicate muslin cotton - LIGHT version - made of 2 layers, machine washable at max. 30 ° and ironing, hypo-allergenic, 

All materials 100% natural, in accordance with the  OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, non-toxic.

Attention:  It's a textile product, keep it away from fire!

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