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Baby Cot Bolster 180cm/12cm, Cot Protector, Bolster Pillow, Bed Bumper With Zipped Minki Cover

Baby Cot Bolster 180cm/12cm, Cot Protector, Bolster Pillow, Bed Bumper With Zipped Minki Cover

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180 cm long

Bolster Pillow Cot Bumper for Baby Bed. 180cm fitting half way baby cot 60x120cm

For Cot  bed bumper 210cm Click here

  • What is this Baby Bed Bolster?     Parents know that the child who sleeps well is a happy and smiling child. This is why they are looking for solutions that will meet their expectations. The evCushy bed bolster is a product that will be perfect for them.
  • Who is it for?        The product has been created for infants and small children. The bed bolster by evCushy is also suitable for older children, who can use it as a cuddly toy or as a pillow when playing on the floor.
  • What is it made of?      evCushy is focused on the health and comfort of the youngest; therefore, the company pays special attention to the high quality of materials. The bolster is made of 100% cotton and the cover is made of minki fabric, which is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • How does it work?       The evCushy bolster protects the baby's delicate head against hitting the hard, wooden rungs of the cot. Moreover, it  also helps the child to fall asleep, because it separates the baby from the environment, thus providing him or her with a peaceful atmosphere to sleep.
  • How else can it be used?      The evCushy bolster can be used in many different ways, for example as an insert that limits the empty space around the baby and helps them maintain a stable position in the pram. The bolster is also a nice decorative element which brings a touch of originality and innovative character to the cot and children's room.

We upgraded the bolster  by adding extra strings to it, that you can use to attach the bolster to the cot. 

EvCyshy bolster has extra cover with the zipp all the way down which makes it easy to keep it clean. It is made of soft and very cuddly minki fabric. The strings are also attached to the cover. There is possibility to order more colours of covers if you like. Contact us for more details.

Length- 180cm

Width - 12cm

 For Cot  bed bumper 210cm Click here

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