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Swaddle Blanket 100% Cotton

Swaddle Blanket 100% Cotton

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The evCushy swaddles are made from 100% certified waffle weave cotton with a beautiful white pompom edging. They are super soft and light.

Our cotton swaddles are ideal for swaddling, nursing and cuddling your baby. They will stay soft after every wash.

Size:  100x75cm (39.37''x29.53'')

Made with 100% certified anti allergenic cotton by Oeko Tex Standard safe to use for babies and kids.

  • The evCushy cotton swaddle wrap is designed to help your new-born baby stay calm and sleep more soundly,
  • A swaddle wrap helps your baby feel safe and secure as they adjust to life outside the womb,
  • Swaddling helps prevent baby from flailing their arms and legs which can trigger their startle reflex,
  • Swaddling can help babies sleep better.

The material is quite thick and dense, but at the same time it is very soft, that’s why it wraps and warms up on cooler days. The name of this fashionable fabric comes from its characteristic waffle-like texture - it has embossed small, symmetrical squares. The material has a natural composition - 100% cotton, without additional admixtures of artificial ingredients. This constitutes the highest quality and nobility of the product. 

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