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Cot Bed Junior Bed Toddler Size Duvet and Pillow Set

Cot Bed Junior Bed Toddler Size Duvet and Pillow Set

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Quilt and Pillow - Toddler Size

1.Duvet: 100x135 cm (3.28/4.43 foot),Β 

2. Pillow 40x60cm (15.75x23.62 inch)

Introducing our exclusive Cot Bed Junior Bed Toddler Size Duvet and Pillow Set, the perfect addition to your toddler's haven of comfort. Specially designed for little ones transitioning to their first bed, this bedding set offers a world of benefits for both children and parents.

🌟 Optimal Size for Toddler Bed: With a duvet size of 100x135 cm and a pillow size of 40x60 cm, our set is tailored to fit perfectly on toddler beds, providing the ideal combination of warmth and coziness.

🌈 Dual Comfort Materials: Crafted with utmost care, the warm duvet boasts 100% cotton on one side for optimal air permeability, while the reverse side features 100% cozy warm dimple fleece polyester, ensuring a soothing and snug experience for your little one.

🦌 Adorable Design: Delight your child with the charming design of deers and eucalyptus leaves. The perfect blend of style and comfort to make bedtime a joy.

πŸ›Œ Ready-to-Use Convenience: Our set comes ready to use, eliminating the need for additional covers. Simply place the duvet and pillow on your toddler's bed, and they are all set for a restful night's sleep.

🌬️ Breathable and Allergy-Friendly: The duvet is filled with a warm, breathable, and anti-allergic silicon fabric filling. The combination of cotton and dimple fleece ensures a soothing effect, making it an excellent choice for children with skin sensitivities or asthma problems.

🧼 Easy Maintenance: The convenience continues with easy care instructions. The set is machine washable at 40 degrees on a delicate program, maintaining its great quality without losing softness or durability. Iron at 110 degrees, and please refrain from bleaching or tumble-drying.

✨ Quality Craftsmanship: Each product is hand-sewn with precision, using only the finest quality materials. The outer layer, a blend of 100% cotton and velvet, is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, ensuring safety and comfort for your child.

Invest in your child's comfort and well-being with our Cot Bed Junior Bed Toddler Size Duvet and Pillow Set – a blend of style, warmth, and practicality that will make bedtime a cherished experience for your little one.

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