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Mesh baby girl summer hats in white, cream and pink

Mesh baby girl summer hats in white, cream and pink

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These, mesh with the strings  hats are perfect for summer.  They  are made from 100% cotton  material . The strings makes them comfy and help to keep the hat on your baby head.

 It's important to feel comfy with a bit of style during this sensitive time. These custom lightweight hats are protecting your baby head from the elements, sun, air conditioning, cool days and evenings or after the bath.

Lovely flowers with studs ornament. The perfect finishing touch to your baby already stylish little outfits.

Available in different colours-white,cream and pink. Different colours of flower stitches. Ask for availability before purchasing otherwise sold randomly. Sizes 36 38 40 42 44. From newborn up to 7 months. Look down to choose  the right size.


 Manufacturer BeBe-Mar - Family owned Company in Poland. We take care of the comfort of our little customers. All hats have the Children and the Infants Safety Certificates.


See the table below which can serve  as a guide  if you can't measure the child's head or you  buying a hat for a present.

size: age
36-38 0-2 months
40-42 3-4 months
42-44 4-6 months
44-46  6-9 months
46-48 9-12 months
48-50 1-2 years
50-52 3-5 years 
52-54 5-8 years
54-56 8+ years
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