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Multi-Functional Muslin Square with Toy Heart, Pacifier Holder - 10 Colours

Multi-Functional Muslin Square with Toy Heart, Pacifier Holder - 10 Colours

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Introducing the Snuggles & Security Blanket – the ultimate companion for your little one that combines comfort, convenience, and style. Crafted with care from 100% soft muslin cotton, this versatile blanket is designed to make parenting a breeze while ensuring your baby feels secure and happy.

Key Features:

  1. Multipurpose Design: The Snuggles & Security Blanket goes beyond traditional comforters. It features two snaps, allowing you to attach your baby's pacifier for added convenience. You can also secure it to the stroller, ensuring it stays in place and doesn't get lost while you're on the go.

  2. Cuddly Toy and Calming Blanket: With an attached heart, this muslin square serves as both a cuddly toy and a calming blanket. The heart provides a tactile element for your baby to hold onto, promoting a sense of security and comfort.

  3. Advantages for Parents:

    • On-the-Go Convenience: Easily attach the Snuggles & Security Blanket to the stroller, keeping it within reach during walks and outings.
    • Pacifier Attachment: No more searching for lost pacifiers – simply snap it onto the blanket for quick access.
  4. Advantages for Baby:

    • Stimulate Senses: The unique design stimulates your child's senses, contributing to their overall development.
    • Naptime and Playtime Comfort: Ideal for both naptime and playtime, the blanket becomes your child's best friend for all occasions.
    • Clean and Handy: With its compact size, the square is always at hand to wipe your baby's face and hands, ensuring cleanliness at all times.
  5. Easy Maintenance:

    • Machine Washable: Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with this machine-washable blanket.
    • Size and Portability: With dimensions of 35 cm x 35 cm, it's the perfect size to carry along wherever you and your baby go.
  6. Safety Assurance:

    • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified: Made from soft and delicate Muslin Cotton, the Snuggles & Security Blanket is certified safe for babies and children.

Caring for Your Snuggles & Security Blanket:

  • Washing Instructions: Hand wash at 40 degrees or machine wash with a delicate program.
  • Drying: Do not spin, tumble dry, or bleach.
  • Ironing: Iron cotton at 110 degrees C max.
  • Detergents: Use mild detergents to preserve the softness and quality of the fabric.

Important Reminder: This textile product is designed for comfort, but please keep it away from fire to ensure the safety of your child.

Choose the Snuggles & Security Blanket for a delightful blend of practicality, comfort, and style – because every moment with your baby should be filled with joy and ease.

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